Step 5: Consolidate Information

Instructional leaders summarize their observations from several classrooms in five columns: 1) whether standards are evident 2) student engagement 3) reflection of what is seen on the walls of classrooms 4)student interviews to assess whether students are enjoying and benefiting from learning experiences 5) equity and quality of relationships in classroom

The building principal or instructional leader in charge of walk-throughs in the building may want to keep each person's observation notes for comparison with results of the next walk-through. One person in charge of walk-throughs uses data from all observers to prepare a summary of the day's walk-through to share with staff at a regular staff meeting. See the summary handout as well as Cleveland High School's iteration below.

Walk-through summaries                            Cleveland High School's summary

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Source: Ginsberg, M.B. (2004) “Classroom Walk-Throughs.” In L. Brown-Easton (ed.), Powerful   Designs for Professional Learning. Oxford, OH: National Staff Development Council.