Step 3: Prepare for Walk-Throughs

1. Gather the group. Walk-throughs are generally done by assistant principals, principals, and district office staff who work directly with schools.

2. Practice. Participants should practice the process in real settings. Teachers must know that the walk-throughs are not evaluative. In fact, data from a practice-classroom should be kept anonymous and aggregated with data from other classrooms, if possible. Although they will visit classooms individually once they have learned the process, participants may practice walk-throughs in pairs or trios.

3. Debrief. After their visit, school leaders discuss and clarify the questions on one of the observation forms (see below) and discuss how questions might be modified for an individual or school focus. For example, a group might discuss what student behaviors would indicate a high, medium, or low level of student engagement in response to Question #2.

Example observation form
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This form can be helpful for documenting     This form can be helpful for documenting
insights when visiting one classroom.             insights when visiting five classrooms.