Lesson Study

Lesson Study

The goal of Lesson Study is to improve instructional practice by collaboratively planning, teaching, and debriefing a lesson. Educators gather together as a team (grade-level, leadership team, etc.) to create and plan a specific lesson for a particular grade and content area. The team then moves directly into the classroom where one member of the team teaches the planned lesson, while the other members observe. The process concludes with the group debriefing about the observed lesson and setting future goals, both individually and as a team.

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What It Is...

A strategy to systematically plan, teach, observe, debrief, and build a professional community of educators. By discussing authentic issues in the classroom, this team creates a positive impact on instructional practice. It is a safe and trusting environment for teachers to collectively strengthen their knowledge, as well as an opportunity for educators to come together and learn from each other.

What It Is Not...

An evaluation of teaching practices where critiquing individuals is appropriate or accepted. It is not meant to serve as a comparison of teaching methods.

A major priority before beginning this process is to create a safe and trusting team and environment. This will allow for more authentic and in-depth discussion around effective teaching practices. While vulnerability may be a part of the process, the supportive team members provide a safety net for success.

 1. Gather a team of educators for a half-day, on-site professional development.
     Or, carve out time in a day for 30 minutes to plan lesson, observe the lesson,
     and then 30 minutes to debrief. Provide substitutes for any classroom teachers.

 2. Identify one content area that the team wishes to consider more deeply.

 3. Begin planning the lesson by using either specific student data or a
     lesson/curriculum that is a concern for the cooperating classroom teachers.
     As a team,create an appropriate lesson or modify an existing lesson.
     Use the Motivational Framework as a planning template.

 4. Teach the lesson in the designated classroom. The classroom teacher,
     the subject-area instructional coach, principal, or a combination of
     teachers and administrators can teach the lesson. Every other team
     member observes the lesson and uses the Classroom Observation Rubric
     to take notes on the four conditions of the Motivational Framework.

 5. Debrief the lesson as a team. Use the Motivational Framework to guide
     the conversation, discussing the Wows and Wonders for each of the
     four conditions. Discuss how the Lesson Study process has impacted
     each individual's view of teaching and student learning. Set
     individual goals and team goals for future work.


Please see the attachments for tools that will be helpful when planning and implementing a Lesson Study.
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