Data-in-a-Day (DIAD)

 Amy Baeder preparing for a DIAD
What is Data-in-a-Day?

Data-in-a-Day invites parents, community members, teachers, students, and university partners to spend a day of structured visits, observing, collecting, and compiling data, and reflecting on data in an effort to strengthen teaching and learning.

Throughout the United States qualitative and quantitative data systems are a regular part of improving student learning and educational outcomes. Many schools and districts no longer privilege one form of data over the other. Most practicing educators and theorists understand that they work together. Qualitative data, such as narrative data based on observing students as they learn, help teachers understand problem areas to which quantitative data, such as test scores, bring attention. Therefore, this section of the website reaches beyond analyzing test scores as the primary source of data on student learning.

Our goal
Although there is a role for standardized tests in school improvement, our goal is to help educators understand how well they are teaching and how well students are learning while, at the same time, better understanding their instructional practice. This kind of continuous analysis is essential because what motivates one student may be frustrating to another. In diverse learning environments, data analysis provides a continuous feedback loop for educators to differentiate academic content, pedagogy, environmental conditions, and assessment practices in a well-informed manner (Tomlinson & Allan, 2000).
Source: Ginsberg, M. B. (forthcoming) "Transformative Professional Learning: A System to Enhance Teacher and Student Motivation." Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

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