Individual Faculty Projects

Practical Applications of Adult Learning Theory in Leadership Preparation and Public Schools

This poster session features scholar-practitioners who are teachers, principals, school district leaders, and non-profit innovators. This group, all of whom are doctoral students the College of Education’s (on-going) Instructional Renewal module in the Leadership for Learning program, will share practical applications of adult learning theory for helping teachers close the achievement gap between low and high performing students. Applications of adult learning in schools include home visits, shadowing students, lesson study (research lessons), data analysis, and instructional partnership with families and organizations.

In my role as core faculty in the College of Education Leadership for Learning program, I was trying to learn more about how to construct relevant field-based educational experiences that have reciprocal value, i.e. that contribute to public schools while extending the knowledge of veteran educators who are doctoral students.

To examine the influence of my teaching, I examined 1) final products (several of which will be exhibited), 2) doctoral students' written reflections on field-based learning experiences, and 3) field notes from participating in the activities at a Seattle high school.  What I learned falls into three categories: 1) methods to diminish assignment ambiguity, 2) ways to mitigate positional challenges for executive leaders, and 3) the need for ongoing investigation into the contributions and impositions of university-school partnership.

-Margery Ginsberg, Ph.D.