Ackerley Fellows Inquiry Projects

Ackerley Partnership for Teacher Development (APTD)

Essential Question:

What can teachers learn about their own practice by focusing their attention on four students?

Description of Project:

During the 2009-2010 school year, Cleveland staff members worked to answer this question. Collaborating with Dr. Margery Ginsberg and the Center for Action, Inquiry, and Motivation (AIM), Cleveland High School organized its professional development through work in teacher inquiry groups. These groups, ranging in size from five to ten teachers, were scheduled to meet 10 times during the year, following a school-wide “syllabus” intended to provide a focus and coherence to the work.

Early in the school year every teacher identified four students—two low achieving, one middle-achieving, and one high-achieving—and proceeded to follow their progress throughout the school year, using the focus on these four students to unite and deepen existing work.

Click below to view the tools used for this project, to read the (APTD) Interim Report, and to view the Power Point presentation of this work
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