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On each page you will find tools and information to aid in the planning and implementation of the following five professional learning experiences:

Lesson Study
The goal of Lesson Study is to improve instructional practice by collaboratively planning, teaching, and debriefing a lesson. Educators gather together as a team (grade-level, leadership team, etc.) to create and plan a specific lesson for a particular grade and content area. The team then moves directly into the classroom where one member of the team teaches the planned lesson, while the other members observe. The process concludes with the group debriefing about the observed lesson and setting future goals, both individually and as a team.

Data-in-a-Day invites parents, community members, teachers, students, and university partners to spend a day of structured visits, observing, collecting, and compiling data, and reflecting on data in an effort to strengthen teaching and learning. This section of the website reaches beyond analyzing test scores as the primary source of data on student learning.

Classroom Walk Through
In this section we provide ways to collect information that yield insights into students’ overall experience at school and to develop an understanding of the range of professional expertise in a school. As a complement to shadowing students,which provides an approach to observing learning interactions in a range of classrooms, you’ll consider how to visit a number of classrooms in a brief period of time with colleagues in order to collect data that contributes to the collective enterprise of a school. If students are bored in one class and highly motivated in another, this influences their overall attitude toward school. The goal is to create schools where student motivation is consistent among classrooms and teachers.

Shadowing Students
Shadowing Students is the process of following a student through all or part of a school day to gain insight into what a student experiences within the school setting. Educators can shadow in their own schools or other schools.  Generally, shadowing is approached in partnership with students, and students have an opportunity to share their perspectives on your approach to following them, and – at times - their daily classroom, hallway, and school experiences.  Educators and students develop an agreement regarding their interactions throughout the process. 

Home Visits
This section of the website provides approaches to constructing visits with families in which:
1.Teachers and families feel respected by and connected to one another
2.Visits are relevant to all participants
3.Visitors ask questions that engage families and share interests and stories
4.Visits conclude with an understanding of how the visit has been of value to the educator and the family