Ultimate Frisbee

"It's a Family Thing"

Authors: Sam Terry and Hana Kawai


To better understand the impact Ultimate Frisbee has in the lives of young people, we aim to collect data about high school Ultimate programs, focusing particularly on how they build community, and the role of this community in supporting students. By the end of the quarter, we hope to have a data collection tool developed in partnership with students through reflexive student focus groups. Grounded in principles of Participatory Action Research, we want to document, understand, and work with the communities these programs build. To this end, we will engage the leadership and experience of high school Ultimate players at Cleveland High School (CHS) to co-create a survey that we will use to understand the experiences of students playing Ultimate and to aid in building the case for institutional support. We will use the Motivational Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching to guide our session planning for each focus group. A survey will be drafted based on student input from our focus groups, and the draft will be given to students for editing and review. In addition, we will supplement the information gathered from the focus groups with four individual student interviews.