Making the Walls Speak

Making the Walls Speak: A Graphic Display that Exemplifies the Relationship Between STEM projects and Motivational Framework for Culturally Responsive Teaching

Author: Damarcus Thomas


Image is everything. Many schools do not pay close attention to the phenomenon behind its own image. In order for a school to be successful, it must look like a successful school. Although having a beautiful image and updated account of works posted, public records, glorious posters and bulletin boards, newly trimmed grass, clean flawless windows, no garbage or waste on campus areas may not necessarily grant success to your school, it will however prevent it from looking like a failing school. Beautifying your school is something that the schools can control, and schools have 100% of the power to be creative in making the decisions on how, what, where, and why? It is a problem when school leaders insist on high academic achievement, and do nothing to address creating a culture of intellectual characters through displaying work that is of standard or beyond. I believe that enhancing the image of classrooms with examples of exemplary work could never harm, but help the school redefine itself, and strengthen the purpose of pedagogy and curriculum. It’s problematic when the culture of a classroom or school building shows no evidence of teaching and learning posted, especially when we know the school is thriving with student work.