Inclusion Practices

Student and Teacher Perspectives on Inclusion Practices
While the graduate student who has conducted this AR project is pleased to share her work, she prefers to remain anonymous.


For my action research project at Cleveland High School I will be shadowing two students and developing interview questions, while observing for the motivational framework idea of inclusion.  I will be looking for what teacher and school practices are in place that supports a sense of belonging.  I have chosen to shadow two male students, both students of color, and both English Language Learners, and one of which is from a recent immigrant family.  I will first shadow Abraham, observing with low levels of interference, and record this experience through a two-column note-taking observation/question method.  These notes will shape my next shadowing experience with a student to be determined.  Lastly, these shadowing experiences and data collection will shape my interview questions, which I hope to use in an informal interview with both students.  Research shows that inclusion is essential, but can have different meanings for different people.  I hope to use these observations, build on this research, and use my own experience as a teacher and student to learn about inclusion in the classrooms of Cleveland.