UW Action Research Projects

UW Action Research Projects

UW Graduate Student Action Research Projects
During the winter quarter of 2011, University of Washington graduate students conducted action research projects in which they investigated a specific interest related to intrinsic motivation and school change within the complex landscape of ongoing school renewal. The intention behind the research was to advance, through application, insights regarding the connection between motivation, student and adult learning, and the ongoing improvement of schools.  Please visit the links below to learn more about each action research project.

STEM Transition: How Professional Development
Contributes to "Authentic Learning"

Authors: Keisha Childers & Julia Warth

               The Effects of School Change on Student Motivation
                                 Author: Sarah Carter

Making the walls speak
Author: Damarcus Thomas 

        Student and Teacher Perspectives of Inclusion Practices
         While the graduate student who has conducted this AR project is pleased
             to share her work, she prefers to remain anonymous.


Meaningful Student Involvement
Author: Cristine Chopra

                       Ultimate Frisbee: It's a Family Thing
                                      Authors: Sam Terry and Hana Kawai
Learning Community Reflection
Author: Kao Saechao