The AIM Center is committed to practice scholarship that unites theory and action for the ongoing transformation of urban high schools throughout Seattle.  To further this goal, Seattle Schools works with the AIM Center to support Cleveland High School as a professional learning laboratory for teachers and leaders.
Purposeful action is based on a five-point program of professional development that includes:
 1) Creating a shared language
 2) Strengthening collaboration
 3) Collecting and using data
 4) Supporting parent and community participation
 5) Building a school identity

Through home visits, lesson studies, and regular analysis of student learning data teachers have improved instruction for academically low, middle, and high achieving students, and they have deepened their knowledge about cultural and linguistic diversity. Home visits and lesson studies are examples of actions that can help schools implement five big ideas about school improvement. Under the categories in the left column you will find these and other examples of what we have been doing to move theory into action.

Cycle of inquiry. Adapted from "Facilitating and Sustaining Adult Learning and
Motivation Through Website Design: A Cycle of Inquiry for K-12 Educators" by P.Robb, 2009


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