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Margery Ginsberg

Margery B. Ginsberg, Ph.D.

With a background as a teacher on two Indian reservations, university professor, and Texas Title I technical assistance contact for the United States Department of Education, Margery Ginsberg is an associate professor at University of Washington-Seattle.  She teaches courses on instructional renewal, professional learning, and school transformation. 

A designer and coach for school renewal initiatives in Colorado, California, Texas, Washington State, Japan, and Germany, she grounds her courses and fieldwork in a framework that integrates theories of intrinsic motivation, culturally responsive teaching, and adult learning.  Known as the “motivational framework for culturally responsive teaching” she works with graduate students who are aspiring school and systems-level leaders to develop – in their own contexts - the same motivational conditions for adult learning that they seek to create for youth.  To demonstrate motivationally-grounded learning strategies, she partners with urban educators at a local high school, where she co-directs the Center for Action, Inquiry and Motivation (The AIM Center).  

Her authored and co-authored books include Teaching Intensive and Accelerated Courses: Instruction that Motivates Learning (2010), Diversity & Motivation: Culturally Responsive Teaching in College (2009), Motivation Matters: A Workbook for School Change (2004), Creating Highly Motivating Classrooms: A Schoolwide Approach to Powerful Teaching with Diverse Learners (2000), and Educators Supporting Educators: A Guide to Organizing School Support Teams  (1997). Her books and articles have provided the foundation for two video series: “Motivation: The Key to Success in Teaching and Learning” (2004, Association for Curriculum and Supervision) and “Encouraging Motivation among All Students”  (1995, Video Journal of Education).
Dr. Ginsberg has a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado-Boulder Bilingual/Multicultural/Social Foundations of Education.   She can be reached at ginsbm@u.washington.edu.



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